WebSite Design 2.1 April 2014

Welcome to the Lemurian Embassy Eco Village Retreat Website, here you will find latest information and development of the building process of our sacred sanctuary, we estimate to launch the complete site 2.3 by October 2014.
Lemurian Embassy’s goal is to create a self sustainable Eco Village Retreat empowering human potential, co-creating an alternative society, offering numerous ways of holistic healing using plant medicines, yoga, meditation, permaculture workshops, traditional shamanic ceremonies and many more!

Our vision is to create an Embassy of Peace, a safe place for our friends and community to learn and participate, to utilize various forms of channelling, awakening our inner powers in order to manifest a more conscious and higher vibrational plane of existence, the planet is in the urge of centres like this all over the globe, linking families and communities together! We are paving the way of a new Era!

Its been an incredible past 7 months working under the development of the Lemurian Embassy Eco Village Retreat Project, we encourage all of our friends and community to follow us via our official Blog, Facebook, Twiiter and Youtube Channels, its the fastest way to keep up with the latest news and developments of the project!

We are now ready to launch our Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign as of April, 2014 and we are looking for support from our world tribe community to continue the development of our Sacred Sanctuary.

All of the funding will go towards building our temple structures, meditation harmonic hall, shelters for our friends and community, gardening tools for our Permaculture Garden, Solar Power Cells and batteries and many many more!

Any donation will be highly appreciated!!


Lemurian Embassy Eco Village Retreat is looking for highly enthusiastic people to come and experience a life changing experience in the Maya Jungles of the Yucatan.

Come to learn and participate during the construction of our sacred temple, learn how to build housing structures utilizing natural materials, using various forms of boo-architecture, Learn and co-create during the building of our “Permaculture” Sacred Geometrical Gardens and more...

Join our Tribe of 5th Dimensional Quantum visionaries and participate in Shamanic Ceremonies and be part of the EVOLUTION of our sacred precinct.


Lemurian Embassy project consist of 20 Hectares of private property, filled with an abundance of medicinal and edible plant species, our goal is to protect the area and turn it into an ecological reservation, creating a safe heaven for animals and plants.

The property has numerous cave systems, untouched forest for the past 100 years, rich in fauna and wild bird species, our land is near 16 Cenotes on a 15 Km Ratio.

We truly live on a wild paradise.


Lemurian Embassy project is currently under the infancy stage of development, we currently have various types of habitats ranging from local Maya traditional home huts “Palapas” to super adobe dome structures, since April 2014 we have completed with the basic facilities Bathrooms, Showers, Basic Gardens, Access Roads, Basic Accommodations for our staff, friends and volunteers.

We expect to complete stage 02 of development and have Zone 01 / 02 Available for public November 2014.

Come and experience the Maya Sky in one of our Palapas, Sky tents hammocks and more.


Lemurian Embassy is located near the World Heritage site of “Chichen Itza” in the State of Yucatan, Mexico, our location was chosen because of the proximity to this powerful energetic centre, the once capital of the Maya Civilization.
Lemurian Embassy project is located deep in the jungle forest, between the town of Libre Union and Yaxcaba in the 8.3 Kilometer

We are in the epicentre of rural Mayan communities, still speaking ancient Maya, and holding strong to their traditions, our goal is to bring awareness and facilitate help and support to this local Maya groups and to collaborate in harmony and prosperity for all.


We strongly believe our planet needs self-sustainable habitats coexisting with nature, learning about ancient medicines and practice ancient rites, honouring our ancestors and coexisting with our fellow humans co-creating a new type of civilization.

A difficult task that we believe it can be achieved, live without money, cultivate our own food, reuse materials, share resources, our doors will always be open for anyone, we believe we can create creative solutions evolving into a type of Civilization 2.1


Lemurian Embassy needs the help of our community to continue to fulfil our dream, over the past year all of our resources to build an Embassy of Peace have become almost depleted.

We cordially ask our community to help us sponsor Stage 02 of Development, consisting of building infrastructure to house our guests and community members, Solar Power Cells and irrigation equipment to self sustain our permaculture gardens, a community centre to hosts, group meditations, workshops, community meetings and more.

Please help us by making a donation on the Indiegogo page, our campaign will began April 2014 and end on May/June 2014!


We strongly believe our planet needs self-sustainable habitats coexisting with nature, learning about ancient medicines and practice ancient rites, honouring our ancestors and coexisting with our fellow humans co-creating a new type of civilization.

A difficult task that we believe it can be achieved, live without money, cultivate our own food, reuse materials, share resources, our doors will always be open for anyone, we believe we can create creative solutions evolving into a type of Civilization 2.1


We are currently in the early infancy stage of our project, but this doesn’t mean we are not open for visitors or guest, we currently offer Tents equiped with sleeping bags and accesories, we are also in the process of finishing our dormitory for our guests and friends.

The Lemurian Embassy was built by Guillermo a world traveler and explorer and he strongly believes access to lodging and accomodations should be available for anyone!

We are lightpost for those travelers, explorers, archaeologists, mystics, adventurers and tourists, come and check our project and see what we are all about!!.

If you are looking for a free place to stay contact us for volunteering opportunities!

We are currently on various booking websites, we expect to be fully available by November 2014!!


We believe strongly in holistic healing utilizing ancient methods of channeling and healing the physical body, one of our primary methods of cleansing the mind and soul is the usage of Temazcal.

An Ancient Mesoamerican Sweatlodge ritual practiced till this day in modern Mexico and North America.

Experiencing Temazcal is like being born again, detoxing the mind and soul, singing and chanting inside the Earth’s Womb.


We believe growing our own vegetables and living self sustainable is the true liberation from all forms of social programing, therefore Permaculture is embeded into the heart of our project. Now day vegetables are filled with GMOs being the number one cause for cancer and obsesity.

All of our permaculture gardens are built with a higher purpose sacred geometrical structures, reinforcing the DNA of our crops, accessing its highest vibrational density.

We have friends and volunteers coming from all over the world sharing deep knowledge of Ecology and Permaculture!


Lemurian Embasy’s goal is to create a fully working Research and Development Center for the investigations of Advanced Interplanetary Contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations, the Universe is teeming with intelligent lifeforms, and are awaiting our call.

We believe the Human race has now achieved a level of consciousness capable of initiating psychic contact with other forms of intelligence.

We are in the process of building a set of exercises and forms of meditation to enable bilateral communication with our cosmic neighboors, we expect to start collective channeling around November 2014.

Stay tune for details.


Lemurian Embassy goal is to create a self sustainable Eco Habitat coexisting with the natural environment, and minimizing the impact to the Jungle, this way we have created numerous ways of Bio Building such as Cob, Strawbale, Adobe, Super Adobe, Earthship Bioarchitectures and more!

Our buildings are kept fresh troughout the whole year due to the biomass layer utilizing cob and guano palm roofing.

All our friends and volunteers are welcome to come, learn and experience how to build your own shelter using only natural materials, freeing ourselves from the bonds of mainstream architecture..


Lemurian Embassy is located in the ring of Cenotes, there are an aproximately of 17 Cenotes on a 30KM ratio, this incredible natural sink hole formations, are sacred to the Ancient Maya, used as portals to other dimensions and places of worship.

Today Cenotes are still enchanting us with its blue turquoise clear waters. Aproximately around Lemurian Embassy there are numerous Cenotes like Xtojil, Kankabdzonot, Xmakil, Yoktdzonot, and many many more!!


We believe thousands of years ago, a powerful civilization once existed named Lemuria, the oriiginal inhabitants of this now lost continent civilization, had access to universal wisdom, enabling them to fully connect with divine forces coexisting in harmony with all sentient lifeforms.

We strongly believe we can tune in to the 5th Dimensional frequency once again and connect to our ancient Lemurian origins, Lemurian Embassy’s goal is to unite all people that feel the inner call to return back home to an Embassy of Peace.


Guillermo Alarcon founded Lemurian Embassy Project, sincer early age his dream of creating an alternative society coexisting with nature its becoming a reality.

Guillermo ( Memo ) has traveled the world to up to 74 countries looking for evidence of a lost Lemurian Civilization years of research and discoveries are imbedded deeply into the Lemurian Embassy Project, mirroring the sky on Earth.

He published his findings on his latest books “Lemurian Awakening” and “Backpackers Guide to Ancient and Mystical Sites”



As we turn into a new age of awakening, living in harmony and in community towards communal living.
We have enough resources to turn our planet into a perpetual free flowing cashless economy based on the principles of equality, unconditional love, towards an understanding of unity as a whole planet.

Our goal is to collaborate with as many Eco Villages as possible, networking and sharing resources and information for the greater benefit of our communities, we are currently working closely with two incredible projects near the Lemurian Embassy, we highly recommend to visit our neighoring ecological projects.

WAYE BEHORA a selfsutainable Ecological Project located just 3KM from The Lemurian Embassy, our neighboors are working closely with the reforestation and the improvement of regenerative organic agriculture, as well as hosting Workshops on Bio Building, Permaculture Apiculture, and more, Contact Lino & Niss For more Info: